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Stan Lambert

I'm a seriously disabled former USAF pilot who continues to fight both the war injuries along with other issues created during the performance of my duty. Garey has been providing me with personal insights, guidance, and assistance with determining the supplements that provide the greatest benefit. You can read all the other reviews that attest to the quality of his Omega capsules. Personally, I believe they are the finest available, and cost less than half of what I'd pay in a local health food store for an inferior product. I also take (and recommend) the Krill Oil along with the True Omega 3. For reasons I don't completely understand, the Krill has additional benefits that become apparent after about 3-4 weeks of daily usage along with the True Omega. Ask Garey and he will explain the difference in the two products and why it may be a good idea to add a little bit of Krill to the regimen of True Omega. I'm serious. You can ask for Garey and he will get back to you quickly -- usually within a day or two -- and provide the answers you need to hear (which are not always the answers that make sales for him, but he will provide you with his honest perspective regardless of whether or not he personally benefits.) You'll find the customer service to be as good or better than a local distributor. I very highly recommend getting on the auto-ship plan. I get my stuff every two months and never run out. It's very handy, and you'll get the best prices available. Be good to your body. The cost of eating at a steakhouse a few times a month (which is typically not a particularly healthy meal) is more than the cost of supplements that your body will love. One last "push" for the Krill Oil. I "tested" its effects over the last six years enough to know (for me) it has a variety of positive effects from the elimination of dry, cracking heals, to better fingernails and toenails, to less joint pain. Try two capsules a day (along with the True Omega) for two months and I suspect you'll see a lot of little improvements in both appearance and in how you feel.

Anne Guiod

I've been using Life's Vitality Multivitamins and True Omega-3 for almost 60 days.  One of the benefits I've seen in using both products is the elimination of occasional heartburn.

William Mccullough

I am an extremely active male 78 years old. I started taking high levels of Omega 3s about 10 years ago after a lab report indicated my cholesterol was 227 with high triglycerides. After a bit of research I also started taking garlic. Cholesterol started dropping. Normal intake is 8 Tru Omega per day. My last lab report (Dec 2018) showed total cholesterol 166 and triglycerides 97. I can't say enough about Tru Omega 3. A side benefit is at my age one would normally expect lots of joint pain. I HAVE NONE. All this with NO dietary changes with the exception that I watch the AMOUNT of foods I eat. In conclusion, Kudos to Prostate Pro. I have no symptoms. PSA is 2.1. Both of these supplements work really well. For those who have not tried Tru Omega 3 I highly recommend you do so. Again, IT WORKS.

Pat Futch

I am more than pleased to tell friends and family about this company and the excellent products they offer. We have been ordering from Gary for years now, and we are very, very satisfied--and HEALTHY! We feel as though we have a personal friend looking after us! AThe Cranberry Extract has allowed me to stop taking the antibiotic (Macrodantin, 50 mg) I was required to take daily for more than ten years for recurring UTIs. Combined with a daily probiotic, Garys cranberry formula twice daily has eliminated the problem completely. I am very thankful!! A natural, healthy solution

Carl Ray

Using Omega 3 (or previous source from you) Wife and I have lost about 100lbs between us, and feeling good. Have to remind myself I am over 80.

John J Sauritch

Before taking Omega 3 my cholesterol level was well over 200. After taking Omega 3 for 6 months (4 gels daily) my cholesterol level had declined more than 100 points. Im very satisfied with this product. Many of my friends also have had similar results.

Mary Sparr

BEST product across the board, BEST quality, BEST price, BEST customer service, BEST communication, FASTEST shipping!! Have been using True Omega 3 for several years, have benefited greatly in our overall health and see no changing of our relationship with this product in the future. Many thanks for developing a product that delivers the results it claims.