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Garey Simmons

I've known Lori for several years and she is the go-to person for handling any issues involving Senior Services for Elderly relatives. Whether it's proper care, or financial issues, preserving assets in the face of health challenges, Lori knows how to get things done in a timely manner. Lori does a great job, and if you need senior care via Medicaid, she know which strings to pull and buttons to push.

Connie Macchia

Lori and Kirk are true professionals from estate planning to guardianship. Lori communicates in layman’s terms and she CARES. I cannot say enough about Lori as she was our rock during tough times.

Jens Harnest

I called cold with a problem. I was fortunate enough to get Lori who immediately understood my problem, and then came to my aunts house to discuss the issues. An impressive beginning, and she hasn't let me down yet.

Ted Lafiteau

I initially approached Lori Somekh based upon the fact that she was a fellow alumni from St. John's University. Knowing that the school has many excellent practicing attorneys was important for me, but one that specialized in elder care even more so. I wanted someone with the experience and expertise that could assist me in setting up Power of Attorney for my Grandparents. Lori did a great job. I would definitely recommend her to a friend and plan to use her services again.


Lori, as an attorney knows what she is doing to bring resolution to the crises that happen to seniors. She can make good things happens when things look bleak. Good job.